Big Walker Lookout welcomes Mark Templeton & Karen Webb to play on the front porch this Summer! Come up and listen to the gospel music!
Mark and Karen have performed for over 45 years. Traveling all over the USA singing and playing Gospel,Folk,Bluegrass & other acoustic music. The awards are too numerous to list and there really not important to Mark or Karen. They both love to sing and to be a blessing to someone in every performance. Their website is:
Their performance - Mark & Karen perform at Churches and other venues that showcase acoustic music. All songs are performed with guitar, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, dobro and other acoustic instruments. They always take request and every performance includes audience participation with the favorite sing-a-long songs.
Virginia's oldest privately owned scenic attraction, Big Walker Lookout & BW Country Store has been owned and operated by the same family for over 70 years. It features more than 25 local artisans, crafters, and musicians that demonstrate their talents each weekend from May through October. Local authors do book signings and have books for sale all summer long. Big Walker Lookout, a Crooked Road venue, will host this Summer's Mountain Top Music featuring local musicians, some returning favorites as well as fresh new groups & bands.
All Mountain Top Music concerts are free to the public. The performers donate their time and talent for our enjoyment so all tips and donations are accepted and encouraged! CD's are available for purchase. Please show your appreciation for these musicians and their music.
Bring your lawn chairs (or use our picnic pavilion) and a picnic lunch, and get ready for an afternoon of good music and fun! Hot dogs, snacks, drinks, & delicious ice cream are available for purchase at Big Walker Lookout in the BW Country Store. Don't miss this fun!!