Meet Our Artisans - Wood

Clinch River Farms

It was the smell of the wood that drew me to my neighbor's workshop when I was young. I began making wooden toys for my daughters then I started to make old fashioned toys. My wife and I founded Mountain Kids Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children. All sales are donated to Mountain Kids, which has grown along with my toy making.  My time is filled with good work and great excitement about the years ahead.

We started homesteading in 2002 and have done a lot to improve the 70 acre farm over those years.  We are blessed to live in Southwest Virginia and to be on the Clinch River.  This is a magnificent region and I'm sure you will enjoy a visit down on the farm.

Please feel free to comment and contact us if we can share our story with you.  Clinch River Farms is available by appointment for educational and research purposes.  As part of our new Agritourism mission, we have built  'JOURNEY - Cabin'  that is available for hosting weddings and events during the summer months.   We have many unique energy projects in progress and lots of animals to love.  Mountain Kids, Inc. operates fantastic Science and Adventure Camps for local children during the summer.