Meet Our Artisans

Sarah Reyburn

Spoon Mountain Farm

Spoon Mountain Farm is an alternative forest farm and agritourism destination. It is home to fiber producing animals, including bunnies, Angora goats and alpaca. There is a flock a laying hens, and a mighty fine rooster named Roger. There are good five cats, three happy dogs and me.

I am an artist who works and offers classes on my property in fine and functional arts. Some of my interests and classes include botanical drawing, painting on many surfaces, fiber arts including needle felting, knitting, dying and crafting with the mohair and alpaca fiber that is provided by the animals living here with me. I host workshops and invite other artisens to join me and/ or to offer classes to share their passion with others who are interested in pursuing new interests.

 Spoon Mountain Farm has a number of forest trails and a variety of micro environments representing various climates and sun and shade opportunities. The farm has multiple small  experimental gardens utilizing different methds of producing  fruits, vegetables, and herbs using the compost and post product of bedding provided by the goats, alpaca, rabbit and bunnies.  There are  number of trails that provide an opportunity for those who want to explore the diverse flora of the forest environment for the purpose of identification, and photogaphing specimens of plants can schdule a "Wild Walk".  The environment changes weekly so there is always something new to discover.

A small farm store offers beautiful knitting yarns made from the fiber of the animals living on the farm and fine hand made works of functional and decorative art.