The Wilderness Road is an epic saga about the early migration and settlement of America. As the colonies were thriving along the east coast in the late 1600s, the Appalachian Mountains remained a formidable barrier to the interior of the nation. The paths that did exist were created by the American Bison as they migrated to the highlands and valleys in search of food and salt licks. Native Americans traveled what they called the Great Warrior Path hunting for food, trading with other tribes, and creating seasonal villages along the valleys and river. In the early 1700's, long hunters used the path to develop an early fur trade and explore the land through western Virginia. Before the Revolutionary War, the path had become a major trail through this picturesque Valley of Virginia. Frontier Forts were established along the route to provide shelter to early settlers. Soldiers, long hunters, and early settlers spread the news that land was plentiful and the small path became a major migration route.